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Plan B is good and what my wife and I are doing now. But Plan B still requires basic social peace, economic stability and non-intrusion from meddling parties. The sickening dynamic at the heart of lockdowns (one which the CCP has brought to full fruition) is that it requires all those things as sacrifices. Lockdowns absorb all those things and convert them into 'virtue'. The greedy ghouls who gave us lockdowns, the G20 goons who talk about rewiring the global financial system and interoperable health IDs - they won't let us B Planners get on in isolated peace. They will take all the small things we enjoy, even (especially) the things they don't know about. They are the forces of Sauron and not even the Shire is safe from them. So Plan B is also going to have to involve fighting back, hard, in a way that can actually be won. I have no idea what that looks like yet, but at least a lot of people are asking the same questions.

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As usual, i enjoy your writing, but that second paragrapraph was somehow the most terrifying description of 'society's relationship with truth' i've encountered.

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Slowly and quietly, new worlds will develop, leaving the old, corrupt machine to either crumble or destroy itself. It’s too broken to fix, do not waste your time on it. Long live Plan B.

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Hello Richard

I enjoyed your last 2 pieces via Brownstone (this one and Resolve to think carefully), and while I agree with many of your viewpoints, I would like to suggest that issues, ie Covid origins, climate change, lockdown protests, vaccine safety and Ukraine, don't always align. If I've learned anything in my 63 years, it's that easy classification of issues along ideological lines won't work. What is required is a nuanced and in-depth understanding of each issue, one issue at a time. Life is complicated. Think of Fauci's two lies about masks in March and April 2020, neither of them noble, and neither in accord with medical practice and knowledge for the preceding 25-50 years. If you believed one and then the next, you'd have been misinformed twice! In different directions! I applaud your suggestion to keep reading, and not mainstream media, but surely the quality and origin of the articles and authors is equally as important as the ideological variety.

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Hi Chris, thanks for your comment. I agree there's not necessarily an 'alignment' between the myriad problems besetting the world. And I agree that reading widely can offer insights to the human condition that the news media simply cannot. Some of my most rewarding 2022 reads were from the classics: Milton, Dostoevsky, Bunyan, George Elliot, Tolstoy, Jane Austen.

I just try to write what I need to say, and what I think needs to be said. Thanks again for your comment.

Have a great 2023,



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Hi Richard

I've been lucky enough to have an unusual spectrum of knowledge in my home with which to observe the world over the last 3 years. I'm a retired PhD in Immunology (research) and my daughter returned home from the UK to Canada during the pandemic to finish her PhD in political science - her area of study? Ethnic minority rights in Ukraine and Moldova. Talk about a dovetailing of specialties for the ages. Who could ever have predicted immunology and Ukraine dominating the news as they have?

I like your reading list, and I'll keep reading, your articles included. Very glad to have found an intelligent, open-minded and well-spoken community via Brownstone and Twitter and a few other online sites over the last few years. It's heartening - and much needed in these dark times.

All the best for 2023.


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There ain't even a Plan A

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