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Thank you for this, it really resonated with me. Living in Vic unvaccinated, I’m still banned by government from working in the profession that I moved into in 2020.

So those conversations you mention are the same I have with my family. What are doing today I say “walking the dog” what I want to say is “oh you know, trying to wake people up, help them with their vaccine injuries & save democracy”

Even my family after loosing someone to the vaccine & one being awfully vaccine damaged stick still don’t want to see the whole picture.

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"what are you going to do today?"

Richard: "Write about the covid crimes as a citizen journalist."

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Read your post in brownstone.

My sentiments exactly.


Pretend if you know its going to blow over.

Act when you know its not.

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You have eloquently articulated the cognitive dissonance I have lived with since 2020. I could perhaps round up someone for coffee, but would soon be very bored, and look for excuses to go home. Meanwhile, I watch for cues that let me know if the new people I encounter might see things as I do. Your substack has made me feel better. Thank you.

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I was "amen-ing" all the way through this one, it is so accurate a description of the internal dynamic. The veneer of being contented when one actually feels we are only in the eye of the hurricane....the firehouse of comments when someone shows any good will toward your opinion...even the prayerful hope that we are wrong!

Remember that Paul Kelly song, 'Everythings turning to White"? The chorus replayed in my head when I heard AHPRA, or the government, or the public health mandarins speak....'when you speak to me now I'm pretending..I feel like I'm frozen inside....'

They have lost so much trust with the population, even though it is only subconsciously felt by many, that I cannot see how we can be happily governed going forward, which is so bad for our dear Australia.

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Yep, it feels like a waiting game...

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I think those of us who do not participate in the fantasy are pretending, praying and trusting till Jesus comes back or the truth is revealed or both. Praise God for your new friend with the Forest of the Fallen. Your pieces are a blessing.

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Pleasant surprise to see this on Brownstone, from an Aussie in a similar world to my own. My old girlfriends from school are having a 50 year reunion soon and as one of the new "underclass" of unjabbed I wasn't going to front up; but I think I will, just to see whether the elephant squashes us into a corner, or whether I'll be pleasantly surprised at how many of them are on the same page. I'm learning to be more interested in epistemology than content these days: conversations about how we know what we know, and who we trust...my own journey from trusting my ABC and Greens in 2020 to now inhabiting the "through-the-looking-glass" world was marked by key events of catching them in their lies and their eerie silences. "When did you realise...?" might make for an interesting reunion after all?

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I am still surprised, how many people can just pretend. We had birthday celebration with my friends this weekend after three years of covid. I was surprised by results, some people you wouldn't expect that know a lot of about what is happening. The problem is, what you want to do with rest, which things this is all just political game.

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Totally hear you.

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